Solution structure and dynamics of the specific complex between the KH3 and KH4 domains of FBP and the ssDNA FUSE element of c-myc


Structures of the KH4-ssDNA (a and b) and KH3-ssDNA (c and d) portions of the FBP3/4-ssDNA complex

fbp-dna complex


Dynamics of the FBP3/4-ssDNA complex

The time scale and magnitude of the interdomain motions are described by an efective slow internal correlation time of 4.1 ns for the KH3 half of the complex and 3.6 ns for the KH4 half of the complex, and the two domains wobble independently in cones with a semi-angle of ~30 degrees. The overall FBP3/4-ssDNA complex has a rotational correlation time of 21.5 ns and a diffusion anisotropy of 1.85.


motion 1



motion 2

Braddock, D.T., Louis, J.M., Baber, J.L., Levens, D. & Clore, G.M. (2002) Structure and dynamics of KH domains from FBP bound to single stranded DNA. Nature 415, 1051-1056. pubmed PDF

Braddock, D.T., Cai, M., Baber, J.L., Huang, Y. & Clore, G.M. (2001) Rapid identification of medium to large scale interdomain motion in modular proteins using dipolar couplings. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 123, 8634-8635. pubmed PDF




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