Dr. Tobias Ulmer

National Institutes of Health
Laboratory of Chemical Physics, NIDDK
Building 5, Room B1-31
5 Center Drive
Bethesda, MD 20892-0520

Tel: 301 594-8301
Fax: 301 496-0825
E-mail: tobias.ulmer@nih.gov



Structural Biology. Structure-function relationships of proteins. Molecular Evolution. NMR spectroscopy.


D. Phil. (Ph.D.) in Biophysics (2002), University of Oxford, England
Diplom (M.Sc.) in Biochemistry (1998), University of Zurich, Switzerland


Post-Doctoral Fellow
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA , 2002-present

Merton College, University of Oxford, England, 2000-2001


Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Long-Term Fellowship, 2002 - present

Student Travel Stipend, 42nd ENC, Orlando, 2001

Special Research Studentship from the Biotechnology and Biological

Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), UK, 1999-2001
Postgraduate Studentship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), 1998-1999


Publications from the Bax Group

Ulmer, T. S., Ramirez, B. E., Delaglio, F., and Bax, A., Evaluation of backbone proton positions and dynamics in a small protein by liquid crystal NMR spectroscopy, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 125 (2003) 9179-9191.

Ulmer, T. S., Soelaiman, S., Li, S. P., Klee, C. B., Tang, W. J., and Bax, A., Calcium dependence of the interaction between calmodulin and anthrax edema factor, J. Biol. Chem. 278 (2003) 29261-29266.

Other publications

Ulmer, T. S., Campbell, I. D., and Boyd, J., Amide Proton Relaxation Measurements in a Highly Deuterated Protein, J. Magn. Reson. in press

Ulmer, T. S., Calderwood, D. A., Ginsberg, M. H., and Campbell, L. D., Domain-specific interactions of Talin with the membrane- proximal region of the integrin beta 3 subunit, Biochemistry 42 (2003) 8307-8312.

Garcia-Alvarez, B., de Pereda, J. M., Calderwood, D. A., Ulmer, T. S., Critchley, D., Campbell, I. D., Ginsberg, M. H., and Liddington, R. C., Structural determinants of integrin recognition by Talin, Mol. Cell 11 (2003) 49-58.

Ulmer, T. S., Werner, J. M., and Campbell, I. D., SH3-SH2 domain orientation in Src kinases: NMR studies of Fyn, Structure 10 (2002) 901-911.

Ulmer, T. S., Campbell, I. D., and Boyd, J., The effects of dissolved oxygen upon amide proton relaxation and chemical shift in a perdeuterated protein, J. Magn. Reson. 157 (2002) 181-189.

Ulmer, T. S., Yaspan, B., Ginsberg, M. H., and Campbell, I. D., NMR analysis of structure and dynamics of the cytosolic tails of integrin alpha IIb beta 3 in aqueous solution, Biochemistry 40 (2001) 7498-7508.

Ginsberg, M. H., Yaspan, B., Forsyth, J., Ulmer, T. S., Campbell, I. D., and Slepak, M., A membrane-distal segment of the integrin alpha(IIb) cytoplasmic domain regulates integrin activation, J. Biol. Chem. 276 (2001) 22514-22521.

Arold, S. T., Ulmer, T. S., Mulhern, T. D., Werner, J. M., Ladbury, J. E., Campbell, I. D., and Noble, M. E. M., The role of the Src homology 3-Src homology 2 interface in the regulation of Src kinases, J. Biol. Chem. 276 (2001) 17199-17205.