Dr. Sander Gaemers

National Institutes of Health
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9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20892-0520

Tel.: 301-594-9505
Fax: 301-496-0825

E-mail: gaemers@speck.niddk.nih.gov


Organometallic chemistry, Transition metal catalysed reactions, Transition metal NMR spectroscopy, Structure determination with NMR spectroscopy, NMR techniques development, High pressure techniques, Supercritical fluids.


Ph.D., Chemistry, 1999
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. C.J. Elsevier
Diploma in Chemistry (B.S./M.S.), 1995
Department of Organometallic Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. P.W.N.M. van Leeuwen


Post-Doctoral Fellow
National Institutes of Health, NIDDK, LCP, since Feb. 2000
Visiting Scientist
National Institutes of Health, NIDDK, LCP, Sept. 1998 - Dec. 1998
Ph.D. research student
University of Amsterdam, 1996-1999


Fulbright fellowship, Sept. 1998 - Dec. 1998 (NACEE)
TALENT-stipend, Feb. 2000 - Jan. 2001 (NWO)


Publications from the Bax Group

Previous  Publications:

Dol GC, Gaemers S, Hietikko M, Kamer PCJ, van Leeuwen PWNM, Nolte RJM. "Binding properties of two novel phosphane-modified tetrapodants and their bimetallic transition metal complexes." Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 12, 1975 (1998)

Gaemers S, Luyten H, Ernsting JM, Elsevier CJ. "Multinuclear magnetic resonance studies under pressure of gases and in supercritical media employing a novel titanium-sapphire high-pressure cell with pressure sensor." Magn. Reson. Chem. 37, 25 (1999)

Gaemers S, Elsevier CJ, Bax A. "NMR of biomolecules in low viscosity, liquid CO2." Chem. Phys. Let. 301, 138 (1999)

Rathke JW, Klingler RJ, Gerald II RE, Fremgen DE, Woelk K, Gaemers S, Elsevier CJ "NMR spectroscopy" In: Chemical Synthesis in supercritical fluids, Eds. W. Leitner and Ph.G Jessop, Willey-VCH, 1999, Chapter 3 pp 165-194.

Gaemers S, Elsevier CJ." Reducing the NMR line widths of quadrupole nuclei by employing supercritical solvents." Chem. Soc. Rev. 28, 135 (1999)

Gaemers S, van Slageren J, O'Connor CM, Vos JG, Hage R, Elsevier CJ. "99Ru-NMR spectroscopy of organometallic and coordination complexes of ruthenium(II)." Organometallics 18, 5238 (1999)

Gaemers S, Keune K, Kluwer AM, Elsevier CJ. "Selective C-H Bond Activation with Na2PtCl4 in Inverted Micelles." Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 6, 1139 (2000)

Gaemers S, Elsevier CJ. "14N-NMR spectroscopy of tertiary amines in low viscosity supercritical fluids." Magn. Reson. Chem. 38, 650 (2000)

Buehl M, Gaemers S, Elsevier CJ. "Density-functional computation of 99Ru-NMR parameters." Chem. Eur. J. 6, 3272 (2000)

Gaemers S, Groenevelt J, Elsevier CJ. "Transition Metal (53Cr, 59Co, 91Zr and 95Mo) NMR and 14N NMR Spectroscopy of Coordination Compounds." Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. Accepted for publication

Burnell EE, de Lange CA, Gaemers S. "Pressure-Induced Change in Orientational Order of Solutes in Liquid Crystals", Submitted for Publication.

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