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SAXS AXES Server, Version 7f
Fitting Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Curves to
the Atomic Coordinates for Proteins/RNA/DNA.

axesLogo AXES: Analysis of X-ray Scattering in Explicit Solvent

Alex Grishaev AlexanderG@intra.niddk.nih.gov
Ad Bax bax@nih.gov

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PDB File for SAXS Prediction
PDB File: The file containing the macromolecular coordinates in PDB format, 20000 atoms max. Both ATOM and HETATM entries will be processed. In the absence of experimental data, AXES will simply return the predicted scattering curve only. Example: saxs.pdb
Optional Experimental Sample and Buffer Scattering Data for Fitting
SAXS Buffer: The optional input file containing the SAXS buffer scattering curve. The file should contain three columns: q, Intensity (Arbitrary units), and the Uncertainty in Intensity. The units for q can be inverse-Angstroms or inverse-nm, as selected below. This file is optional, but recommended for best results with the fitting options. Example: saxs_buf.txt
SAXS Sample: The optional input file containing the SAXS sample scattering curve. The file format and q values within it should be the same as for the buffer scattering curve above. This file is optional, but required for the fitting options. Example: saxs_sam.txt
  q Units: Units for the q values in the experimental sample and buffer files.

q Definition: Convention for defining the q values used in the sample and buffer files.
q Convention: 4psin(theta)/lambda
s Convention: 2sin(theta)/lambda

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Note: AXES calculations will generally be completed within several minutes. However, when the server is under heavy use, calculations may take several hours or more to complete.

Calculation results will be sent via Email.
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