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Transformations of PDB Coordinates
pdbUtilNight List Secondary Structure Information
(Proteins Only)

Frank Delaglio delaglio@nih.gov
PDB Input: input PDB file for the transformation. The server will return a new version of the input PDB, with the specified transformations applied, and with a report of the transformation matrix values. If no PDB file is specified, the transformation matrix values will be reported alone.
Residue Selection: residues to be transformed, as a list of residue IDs or ranges separated by spaces. Use keywords First and Last for the lowest and highest residue IDs, respecively. To specify a range of residues, use the keyword to, for example: 22 to 34. More Info ]
Transformation to Apply: text listing one or more transformations, in the order to apply them. Use Keywords rx ry rz for rotations, followed by values in degrees. Use Keywords tx ty tz for translations, followed by values in angstroms. Use the Keyword center to center the coordinates at the origin. More Info ]

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