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DC Order Matrix Fitting:
Fit Dipolar Couplings to a PDB Structure Using SVD

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About DC: Server-Based Tools for Dipolar Coupling Calculations
NMR Server PDB Utilities to Add Protons, Align Structures, etc
NMRPipe Table Format
Frank Delaglio     delaglio@nih.gov
Ad Bax     bax@nih.gov

PDB Input: Input PDB file of the protein structure. Atom names in the PDB file must exactly match the names used in the dipolar coupling input. Example: ubiq.pdb
Dipolar Coupling Input: Input table of dipolar couplings associated with a given alignment medium. DC Web Page. Examples: dObsA.tab (Neutral Bicelle Sample) | dObsB.tab (Charged Bicelle Sample). [ More Info ]
Keep Existing DI Values Dipolar Interaction Values: Select this option to use existing Dipolar Interaction (DI) values in the input table. Otherwise, DI values will be calculated according to information in the PDB file. [ More Info ]
Residue Selection: Selection of Residues for the DC calculation, as a list of residue IDs or ranges separated by spaces. Use keywords First and Last for the lowest and highest residue IDs, respecively. To specify a range of residues, use the keyword to, for example: 22 to 34. [ More Info ]
Generate DC Graphics Graphical Output: Select this option to generate graphs of the DC results. Example DC graphics for a protein: dc.pdf tensor.gif Example DC graphics for a small molecule: dcmol.pdf tensormol.gif

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