NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
writeImage: Create and save an image in TIFF format using three nmrWish spectral data arrays for the red, green, and blue channels. See also: readROI, Stand-alone program pcaNMR, nmrWish function pcaNMR.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -out outName stdout TIFF Image Output File.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON.
Compose Three ROIs into an RGB Image:
 -roiR rID ROI for Red Channel.
 -roiG gID ROI for Green Channel.
 -roiB bID ROI for Blue Channel.
Maping ROI Range onto Image Range. Use these Prefixes:
Red: -iR/-fR Green: -iG/-rG Blue: -iB/-rB All: -iC/-rC
 -iRMin iRMin Image Red Min.
 -iRMax iRMax Image Red Max.
 -rRMin fRMin ROI Red Min.
 -rRMax fRMax ROI Red Max.
Convert an ROI Pixmap to a Color Image.
 -roi roiID ROI for Pixmap.
 -xSize width Output image width, pixels.
 -ySize height Output image height, pixels.
Save a Screen Region as an Image:
 -x gx1 gx3 X Coords of Screen Region.
 -y gy1 gy3 Y Coords of Screen Region.
 -cell cellID Cell ID of Screen Region.
 -screen scrNum Screen Number.
 -root Save region from Root Window.
Image Formats:
 -tiff TIFF Format.
 -gif GIF Format.
 -jpeg JPEG Format (Not supported yet).
 -ps PostScript Format (Not supported yet).
  1. An RGB Image will be created if -roiR -roiG or -roiB arguments are found.
  2. Pixmap to Image conversion will performed if an -roi argument is found.
  3. If none of the ROI arguments above are given, a screen region will be captured and saved.
  4. For converting ROI Pixmap to a Color Image, use the same arguments as: drawROI -pix ...

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