NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
vSurface: Add a term to a ramachandran distribution; used to general phi/psi surfaces for chemical shifts, etc.

vSurface: Generate a Phi/Psi Surface Gaussian:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -sPtr None Pointer to Surface Value Matrix.
 -dPtr None Pointer to Surface Density Matrix.
 -val 1.0 Surface Element Value.
 -thresh 1.0e-8 Profile Threshold.
Surface Element Parameters (Use x/X, y/Y):
 -xSize 0 X-Axis Size of Surface Matrix.
 -x1 -180 X-Axis Initial Coord.
 -xn 180 X-Axis Final Coord.
 -xfw 0.0 X-Axis Full Width at Half Height.
 -x0 0.0 X-Axis Location.
Surface Types:
 -gauss Gauss Surface (Default).
 -delta Delta Surface.
 -exp Exponential Surface.

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