NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
vAbsCor: Perform an optical absorbance correction to floating-point binary data.

Absorbance Correction:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -bgPtr 1D Background Spectrum.
 -specPtr Vectors to Correct.
 -thresh tVal 20.0 BG Spectrum Threshold.
 -c cVal 1.0 BG Spectrum Scale Factor.
Auto Scaling Options:
 -auto No Auto Scale ON.
 -x1 x1Loc Auto-Scale Region Start Pts .
 -xn xnLoc Auto-Scale Region End Pts .

 -eCount Points per input vector, X and Y.
 -eJump Jump between points in Y matrix.
 -vCount Vector Count in Y matrix.
 -vJump Jump between vectors in Y matrix.

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