NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
readROI: Read a region of interest (ROI) from NMRPipe-format data.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName None Input Name (Required).
 -roi roiID Current ID Number for ROI.
 -ndim finalDim 2 Dimension Count for ROI.
 -key keyData None Optional Key Data Label/Data Pairs.
Arguments for In-Memory Reading:
 -inROI roiID None Read from existing ROI.
 -inPtr roiPtr None Read from existing data.
 -inHdr hdrPtr None Read from existing header.
ROI Limits By Upper and Lower Bounds.
 -x xName x1 xn ROI X-Axis Source and Limits.
 -y yName y1 yn ROI Y-Axis Source and Limits.
 -z zName z1 zn ROI Z-Axis Source and Limits.
 -a aName a1 an ROI A-Axis Source and Limits.
ROI Limits By Center and +/- Width:
 -dx xName x0 xW ROI X-Axis Source, Center, Width.
 -dy yName y0 yW ROI Y-Axis Source, Center, Width.
 -dz zName z0 zW ROI Z-Axis Source, Center, Width.
 -da aName a0 aW ROI A-Axis Source, Center, Width.
Alignment Options:
 -center axisList None Align Center of ROI.
 -left axisList None Align Left Edge of ROI.
 -right axisList None Align Right Edge of ROI.
 -edge axisList None Align Both Edges of ROI.
Real vs Imaginary Data (X-Axis Only):
 -real Use X-Axis Real Data (Default).
 -imag Use X-Axis Imaginary Data.
Arguments for Report Generation:
 -noverb Verbose Mode Off.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.

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