NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
pkFindROI: Perform peak detection on the given spectral region of interest (ROI). See also: readROI. NOTE: this command over-writes the given ROI spectral data.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -roi roiID ID of ROI for peak detection. Default is current ROI.
 -out outName Peak table output name.
 -reject Reject peaks marked as noise or truncation artifacts.
 -parent Record results relative to the parent data of the ROI.
 -reset Erase current peaks and exit.
 -append Append to current peak table.
 -nopk Suppress peak detection, but keep previous settings.
 -verb Verbose mode ON.
Peak Detection Settings:
 -dx dxList 1 1 ... Detection limits +/- pts.
 -idx itList 1 1 ... Interpolation limits +/- pts.
 -plus pThresh 0.0 Positive detection threshold.
 -minus mThresh -1e16 Negative detection threshold.
 -clust No Adjust clusters after detect. Used with multiple ROIs.
 -mask No Use binary mask to cluster peaks. REPLACES ROI data with Mask Data.
Noise Detection Settings:
 -sigma noise 1.000 Standard deviation of noise.
 -pChi prob 0.001 P threshold for Chi2 test.
 -lnAdj aList None Axis list for local noise adjustment (use X Y Z A).
Truncation Artifact (Sinc) Detection Setting:
 -sinc No Use sinc detection.
 -hiAdj adjList 1.2 ... Height adjustment factors.
 -lw lwHz 1.0 ... Intrinsic linewidths.
 -tol tolPts 2.0 ... Postition tolerances.
Output Printing Precision:
 -ppmPrec digits 3 Precision for values in ppm.
 -hzPrec digits 3 Precision for values in Hz.
 -ptsPrec digits 3 Precision for values in pts.

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