NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
pix2spec: Convert a pixel location in a spectral drawing area into spectral units such as PPM. See also: defineCell, readROI, drawROI

Flag Argument Default Description
 -x x0 0 Pixel X Coord.
 -y y0 0 Pixel Y Coord.
 -units u Units for Conversion: Pts Hz PPM Pct.
Graphics Cell Specification:
 -win wID 1 Canvas Window ID.
 -cellX cellXID Cell ID for Graphic X Coord.
 -cellY cellYID Cell ID for Graphic Y Coord.
 -cell cellID Sets Both -cellX and -cellY.
 -clip Clip to Extent of Cell.
 -noclip No Clipping.
Spectral Region-of-Interest (ROI) Specification:
 -roiX roiXID ROI ID for Graphic X Coord.
 -roiY roiYID ROI ID for Graphic Y Coord.
 -roiRef roiID Sets Both -roiX and -roiY.

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