NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
getCellInfo: Get the graphics coordinates and parameters associated with a cell, which is a spectral drawing region on the screen or a PostScript page.

getCellInfo: Info on Cell or Pixel Coord:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -x xPix X-Pixel Coord for Query.
 -y xPix Y-Pixel Coord for Query.
 -cell cellID Cell ID for Query.
 -roi roiID ROI ID for Query.
Returned for -cell:
  cellID {pixXMin pixXMax} {pixYMin pixYMax}
Returned for -x -y:
  {pixX pixY} cellCount roiCount cellContentList
Cell Content List:
  {cell1ID [cell1ROI1 cell1ROI2...]} ...
Returned for -x -y -cell -roi:
  roiID cellID {xName pts hz PPM} {yName pts Hz PPM}

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