NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
gdbSelect: Perform a database Query, i.e., select entries from a GDB table according to one or more conditions.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -from tabList Tables to query (required).
 -cond expr 1 TCL or M Query condition.
 -M Condition is in M format (Default).
 -tcl Condition is in TCL format.
 -new Result is a handle for a new table.
 -inPlace Result is a list of the entries selected from the source. No new table will be created (Default).
Selection of Variables and Variable Name Mapping:
 -using vNames Var names loaded from source.
 -vars vNames Var names kept in result.
 -destSuffix dsList Var name suffixes for result.
 -querySuffix qsList Var name suffixes for query.
 -suffix sList Sets both lists.
Result Table Options:
 -name dName Name for destination table.
 -parent dBase DBase for destination table.
 -result tclVar TCL var name for result. Previous object will be destroyed.
  1. Use back-quoted names for -vars or -using when matching by regular expression (i.e. `ID[0-9]`).
  2. The special expression `*` matches every item.
  3. By default, only variables whose names can be found in the unsubstituted condition will be loaded. Use the -using option to change this.
  4. The variables selected for the result should be specified using the destination suffixes if any.
  5. An explicit suffix list should contain one sufix for each table.
  6. Omit explicit suffix list for default suffixes.
  7. Use the keyword 'None' for no suffix.
  8. Default condition format is TCL.
  9. Queries via -inPlace will ignore the following:
 -name -parent -vars -destSuffix

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