NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
gdbGetInfo: Get information about an object in the GDB database; commonly used to get a list of entries (rows) in a table.

Get information about an object:
  gdbGetInfo objectHandle
Return information as an array:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -array tclArrayName Array used to store results.
Return information in result list:
 -parms parmNames Parameters to list.
Parameter Names:
  table: variable: entry: cell:
  type type type type
  handle handle handle handle
  name name next north
  varCount varFmt prev south
  entryCount varType cell east
  var next cellN west
  entry prev parent empty
  varN cell (cells) value
  entryN cellN (values) pvalue
  next parent (pvalues) var
  prev (cells) entry
  parent (values)
  text (pvalues)

  dBase: text: root:
  type type type
  handle handle handle
  name next dBase
  next prev dBaseN
  prev parent (dBases)
  table value
  tableN value

  Parameters listed in parenthesis () above are
  only available through the -parm option.

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