NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
dynWrite: Write the DYNAMO table or molecular structure.

dynWrite: Write a file of the given format.
Flag Argument Default Description
 -src src Source of Data to Write.
 -out outName stdout Output Name.
 -rem remTxt Remark Text.
Output Data Types:
 -pdb PDB Data.
 -dc Dipolar Couplings.
 -cs Chemical Shifts.
 -pcs Pseudo-Contact Shifts.
 -bond Bond Distances.
 -noe NOE Distances.
 -hbond H-Bonds.
 -torsion Torsions.
 -improper Imporoper Torsions.
 -angle Angles.
 -j J Couplings.
 -ac AC Coords.
Special PDB Output Options:
 -off off Offset for Atom IDs.
 -renumber Renumber Atom IDs on Output.
 -noend Do Not Write END Record.

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