NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
dynGetInfo: Get information associated with a DYNAMO object; commonly, used to extract the first and last residue ID in a molecular structure.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -src pdbSrc Source of Structure.
 -res resID Single Residue for Selection.
 -r1 res1 First Residue in Segment.
 -rN resN Last Residue in Segment.
 -chain cName Chain Name.
 -seg sName Seg Name.
 -all Use All Atoms in Selection.
PDB Modes:
 -atomName Extract Atom Names.
 -resName Extract Residue Names.
 -chainName Extract Chain Names.
 -segName Extract Seg Names.
 -extent Extract XYZ Min/Max, Center Coord.
 -mass Extract Molecular Weight.
 -radGyr Extract Radius of Gyration.
 -extent Extract XYZ Min/Max, Center Coord.
 -limits Extract min/max ResID and Atom Count. (Default)
Dipolar Coupling Table Modes:
 -dc Extract Dipolar Coupling Info.
 -dcDiff Report DC Obs-Calc Only.
PCS Table Modes:
 -pcs Extract PCS Paramagnetic Info.

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