NMRWish Built-In TCL Functions
drawLine: Draw a line in the spectral graphics area of the screen or a PostScript page.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -x x1 x2... 0% 100%... X Coord List.
 -y y1 y2... 0% 100%... Y Coord List.
Color and Overlay Options:
 -fg fgClr yellow Foreground Color Name.
 -bg bgClr none Background Color Name.
 -mask mVal -1 Plane Mask. -1=All Planes.
 -x11GX xID copy X11 Draw Mode ID/Keyword.
TCL/TK Graphics Window Arguments:
 -win wID 1 Canvas Window ID.
 -update Flush graphics after drawing.
 -noupdate Don`t flush graphics after drawing.
Graphics Size and Offsets:
 -xOff xOff 0.0 Additional X Offset. Default Unit is Character Size.
 -yOff yOff 0.0 Additional Y Offset. Default Unit is Character Size.
 -thick Use thick line width.
 -thin Use thin line width.
Graphics Coords In Terms of ROI Spectral Location:
 -roiX roiXID ROI ID for Graphic X Coord.
 -roiY roiYID ROI ID for Graphic Y Coord.
 -roiRef roiID Sets Both -roiX and -roiY.
 -fold Use Folding of Coords (Default).
 -nofold No Folding of Coords.
Graphics Coords In Terms of Existing Cell:
 -cellX cellXID Cell ID for Graphic X Coord.
 -cellY cellYID Cell ID for Graphic Y Coord.
 -cell cellID Sets Both -cellX and -cellY.
 -clip Clip to Extent of Cell.
 -noclip No Clipping.
Arguments for Report Generation:
 -noverb Verbose Mode Off.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
Notes on Graphics Coordinates:
  X Coord Increases from Left to Right.
  Y Coord Increases from Top to Bottom.
  No Label = Pixels, Absolute Coordinate.
  pix = Pixels, Absolute Coordinate.
  in = Inches, Relative to Cell.
  cm = Centimeter, Relative to Cell.
  mm = Millimeter, Relative to Cell.
  c1 = Char Size of Small Font, Relative to Cell.
  c2 = Char Size of Big Font, Relative to Cell.
  % = Percent of Screen, Relative to Cell.
Display Region Aspect Ratios:

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