Scripts of the NMRPipe System
stripPlot.tcl: PostScript Strip Plots of a Single 3D Spectrum.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName ft/test%03d.ft3 3D Spectral data file template.
 -tab tabName 2D Table for strip locations.
 -hi contHi Auto First contour height.
 -plev nPos 10 Number of Positive Contours.
 -nlev nNeg 10 Number of Negative Contours.
 -mult mult 2.0 Factor for Auto contour height.
Plot Format:
 -paper pSize A Paper Size (A-E, U, A1-A7).
 -strips sCount 10 Max Strips Per Page.
 -tray trayID 0 Paper Tray Number.
 -portrait Plot in Portrait Mode.
 -landscape Plot in Landscape Mode.
Strip Axis Names:
 -xName xName Auto First axis name of strip 2D coord.
 -yName yName Auto Second axis name of strip 2D coord.
 -zName zName Auto Axis name of strip dimension.
Strip Region Widths:
 -xw xw 0.12ppm X-Axis +/- Width
 -yw yw 0.80ppm Y-Axis +/- Width (For Two-Strip Mode).
 -zw zw 1 Z-Axis +/- Width (For Srip Projection).
Strip Region Limits, ppm, Hz, pts or %:
 -z1 zStart 0% Strip Starting Coord.
 -zn zEnd 100% Strip Ending Coord.
Coordinate Table Names:
 -xVar xVar Auto Variable name of first 2D PPM coord.
 -yVar yVar Auto Variable name of second 2D PPM coord.
Single/Pairwise Strip Plotting
 -nopair Plot One Strip Per 2D Coord (Default).
 -pair Plot Two Complementary Strips Per 2D Coord.
Strip Labels and Colors:
 -posColor pColor black Color For Positive Contours.
 -negColor nColor red Color For Negative Contours.
 -lab lVar None Variable Name for Strip Label.
 -rightAxis Include Axis for Rightmost Strips.

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