Scripts of the NMRPipe System
showEvolve.tcl: Display Evolution Curves from a Series Table.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Series Table Input.
 -noise noiseList None Noise Values for Series.
 -tau tauList None Tau Values for Series.
 -var vName HEIGHT Scaling Variable in Table.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON.
Corresponding Spectral Data, Use Only One:
 -spec specList None List of Spectra Names.
 -list listName nlin.spec.list File Containing Name List.
XY Fitting Options:
 -exitFit Send Exit Commands to fitXY.tcl (Default).
 -noexitFit No Exit Commands to fitXY.tcl
 -autoFit Automatically Fit all Curves via fitXY.tcl.
 -noautoFit Manually Invoke fitXY.tcl via 'Fit' Button.
XY Fitting Arguments (Should be Last Arguments to showEvolve.tcl):
 -fitArgs fArgs -exp ... Arguments to fitXY.tcl

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