Scripts of the NMRPipe System
plotTab.tcl: X/Y Plots of Columns from NMRPipe-Format Tables.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Input Table.
 -xSize xSize Graph X-Axis Dimension Size, Pixels.
 -ySize ySize Graph Y-Axis Dimension Size, Pixels.
 -x xVarList Table Variables for X-Axis of Plot.
 -y yVarList Table Variables for Y-Axis of Plot.
 -z labelVar Table Variable for Point Labels in Plot.
 -zc labelColorVar Table Variable for Point Color.
 -select cond 1 GDB Selection Condition for Table Entries to Use.
 -xMin xMinList Optional X-Axis Lower Bounds.
 -xMax xMaxList Optional X-Axis Upper Bounds.
 -yMin yMinList Optional Y-Axis Lower Bounds.
 -yMax yMaxList Optional Y-Axis Upper Bounds.
 -xUndef xUndefVal Value for Undefined X-Axis Data.
 -yUndef yUndefVal Value for Undefined Y-Axis Data.
 -hN histBins Number of Histogram Bins
 -xStep xAxisStep X-Axis Step.
 -hStep histAxisStep Histogram Axis Step.
 -lw lineWidthList Linewidths for Plot, Pixels.
 -pw pointWidthList Point Sizes for Plot, Pixels.
 -lColor lineColorList Line Colors for Plot.
 -pColor pointColorList Point Colors for Plot.
 -zColor labelColor Label Colors for Plot.
 -zFmt zFormat Printing Format for Labels.
 -bg bgColor Background Color for Plot.
 -line refLineCoordList Reference Line Information (x1 y1 yn yn color linewidth)

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