Scripts of the NMRPipe System
pdb2ac.tcl: Create DYNAMO atomic coord (AC) restraint table from PDB.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in pdbName ref.pdb PDB Input for Coords.
 -ref seqName None PDB Input for Sequence (If Different).
 -r1 r1 First First Residue for Sequence PDB.
 -rN rN Last Last Residue for Sequence PDB.
 -a1 a1 r1 First Residue for Coord PDB.
 -id id 1 First Index Number for Restraint Output.
 -seg segName PROT Segment Name for Restraint Output.
 -dLo dLo 0.0 Lower Distance Bound.
 -dHi dHi 0.0 Upper Distance Bound.
 -fc fc 10.0 Restraint Force Constant.
 -atom aList C* ... Atom Name List. Default: C* N* O* S* P* F*
 -dx dx 0.0 Additional X-Axis Offset.
 -dy dy 0.0 Additional X-Axis Offset.
 -dz dz 0.0 Additional X-Axis Offset.
 -hetatm Include HETATM entries from PDB Input.
 -nohetatm Ignore HETATM entries (Default).
 -center Center Coords of PDB Input.
 -nocenter No Centering of PDB Input (Default).
 -hdr Print Header in Output (Default).
 -nohdr No Header in Output.
 -na Interpret Sequence for DNA/RNA. Also -dna -rna
 -nona No Adjustment for DNA/RNA (Default).
Coordinate Modes (Use Only One):
 -fixed Fragment Coords are Fixed (Default).
 -nofixed Fragment Can Translate and Rotate.
 -rotfixed Fragment Can Translate Only.
Multiple Fragment Mode (Zero for Single Fragment Mode):
 -segLength sLength 0 Segment Length of Fragments.
 -segStep sStep 0 Offset Between Fragments.
 -equiv Include All Tensor-Equivalent Rotations.
 -excl resList None Starting Res IDs Not to Rotate.
  Multiple Fragment Mode Uses '-nofixed' Coordinate Mode by Default.

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