Scripts of the NMRPipe System 2D PCA Linear Prediction.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -inDir inDir ft Input Directory.
 -outDir outDir pcalp Output Directory.
Input Specification. Output File Names Will be the Same:
 -in inList test*.ft3 Input Listing from Input Directory.
 -ndim dimCount 3 Number of Dimensions in Input Data.
Linear Prediction and PCA Parameters:
 -xLP lpModeX -fb X-Axis LP Mode.
 -yLP lpModeY -fb Y-Axis LP Mode.
 -ordX lpOrdX 16 X-Axis LP Order.
 -ordY lpOrdY 16 Y-Axis LP Order.
 -nc nc 16 Number of Principal Components to Use.
 -extra nx 0 Number of Extra Principal Components to Use.

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