Scripts of the NMRPipe System
ov.tcl: Find Coord and Phi/Psi RMS Between Two or More PDB Structures.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -ref refPDBName ref.pdb Reference PDB Name.
 -in inPDBName avg.pdb Input PDB Name or List.
 -out ovName overlay.pdb Output Name for Overlay.
 -align aName None Output Names for Aligned PDBs.
 -tmp tempName tmp.pdb Temporary File Name.
 -r1 r1 First First Residue in Reference Range.
 -rN rN Last Last Residue in Reference Range.
 -a1 a1 R1 First Residue in Input Range.
 -atom aList Auto Atom Names for Coord RMS.
 -heavy Use Atom Names: C* N* O* P* S*
 -norot Optimize Translation Only.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON (Default).
 -noverb Verbose Mode OFF.
 -hdr Print Header for Verbose Mode OFF.
 -ignore Ignore Seg/Chain Info (Default).
 -noignore Use Seg/Chain Info.
Report Types:
 -auto Auto Mode ON. (Default)
 -prot Report Protein Info.
 -na Report DNA/RNA Info.
 -other No Special Reporting.

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