Scripts of the NMRPipe System
orientDC.tcl: Find Optimal Orientation for Two Domains Using Dipolar Couplings.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -ref refPDBName ref.pdb Reference (Fixed) PDB Input File.
 -pdb rotPDBName rot.pdb PDB Input File To Be Rotated.
 -dc dcNameList dObs*.tab DC Input Tables.
 -tab tabName Output Table of Orientation Maxima.
 -save Save Surfaces surf*/r%03d.dat
 -nosave No Surface File Output (Default).
 -verb Verbose Mode ON (Default).
 -noverb Verbose Mode OFF.
 -ignore Ignore Seg/Chain Information.
 -exit Exit After Grid Search is Complete.
PDB Output Templates:
 -or orPDBName orient%d.pdb Output of Rotated PDB.
 -out outName complex%d.pdb Output of Rotated PDB and Ref.
 -n bestCount 2 Number of Orientations to Save.
Rotation Grid Search Parameters, Degrees:
 -rx1 rx1 -180.0 X-Axis Starting Rotation.
 -rxn rxn 180.0 X-Axis Ending Rotation.
 -rxStep rxStep 5.0 X-Axis Rotation Step.
 -ry1 ry1 -180.0 Y-Axis Starting Rotation.
 -ryn ryn 180.0 Y-Axis Ending Rotation.
 -ryStep ryStep 5.0 Y-Axis Rotation Step.
 -rz1 rz1 0.0 Z-Axis Starting Rotation.
 -rxn rzn 180.0 Z-Axis Ending Rotation.
 -rzStep rzStep 5.0 Z-Axis Rotation Step.

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