Scripts of the NMRPipe System
Draw a Simple Static 3D Cube Display of NMRPipe-Format 3D Data:

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName ft/test%03d.ft3 3D Spectrum to Draw (Default can change).
 -plev plev 1 Number of Positive Contours.
 -nlev nlev 1 Number of Negative Contours.
 -hi hi Auto Contour Height (value or %.)
 -mult mult 7.0 Factor for Auto Contour Height.
Spectral Orientation for Drawing:
 -xName xName H_AXIS Spectral Axis Name for Plot X-Axis.
 -yName yName V_AXIS Spectral Axis Name for Plot Y-Axis.
 -zName zName Z_AXIS Spectral Axis Name for Plot Z-Axis.
 -aName aName A_AXIS Spectral Axis Name, 4D Data Only.
Spectral Limits (Use -x -y -z -a with Units % Hz ppm pts):
 -ix1 ix1 0% Starting Coord of Range to Plot.
 -ixn ixn 100% Ending Coord of Range to Plot.
Drawing Sizes:
 -cxSize cxSize 400 Plot X-Axis Size, Pixels.
 -cySize cySize 400 Plot Y-Axis Size, Pixels.
 -czSize czSize Auto Plot Final Z-Axis Offset, Pixels.
Window Position on Screen:
 -xOff xOff 16 Window Horizontal Offset, Pixels.
 -yOff yOff 32 Window Vertical Offset, Pixels.
Spectrum Colors:
 -colors cList red ... List of Colors for Spectral Drawing.
 -posColor pColor None Fixed Color for Positive Contours.
 -negColor nColor None Fixed Color for Negative Contours.
Drawing Colors:
 -fgColor fg white Forground Color (for Box Outlines).
 -bgColor bg black Background Color.
  1. Contour height can be specified as a value, or by a
  percentage ending with the '%' character, or by keywords
  'Auto' or 'Full'.
  2. Use '-colors multi' for spectral colors selected according
  to intensity rather than Z-Axis position.
  3. See file 'rgb.txt' in the NMRPipe 'nmrtxt' directory for valid
  colors (/u/delaglio/nmrtxt/rgb.txt).
  4. The graphic produced is a simple stack of fixed-sized 2D
  plots with a linear offset.

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