Scripts of the NMRPipe System
mfr2surf.tcl: Create Phi/Psi Surfaces from Molecular Fragment Replacement Search.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -mfr mfrList Input Fragment Tables.
 -inPDB inPDB ext.pdb PDB File Input.
 -outPDB outPDB mfrSurf.pdb PDB File Output (Or None).
 -out outName mfr%03d.dat Output Template.
 -outDir outDir mfrSurf Output Directory.
 -pdbDir pdbDir PDBH_DIR PDB Input Directory.
 -fragDir fragDir None MFR Fragment Input Directory.
 -dPhi dPhi 32 Gaussian +/- Phi Width, Degrees.
 -dPsi dPsi 32 Gaussian +/- Psi Width, Degrees.
 -maxRank maxRank 10 Max Rank of Fragments.
 -w Weight Values by Fragment Score.

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