Scripts of the NMRPipe System
mfr2euler.tcl: Estimate Relative Tensor Angles from Molecular Fragment Search.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in dcList dObs*.tab Input DC Tables.
 -mfr mfrName Input Fragment Table.
 -maxRank maxRank 5 Maximum Allowable Rank.
 -dcNMin nMin 15 Minimum Allowable Coupling Count.
 -frac f 0.1 Fraction of Best Fragments to Use.
 -alpha alpha 3.0 Exponential Weighting Factor.
 -r1 r1 First First Residue in Range.
 -rN rN Last Last Residue in Range.
PDB Input Sources:
 -pdbDir pdbDir PDBH_DIR PDB Input Directory.
 -fragDir fragDir None Alternate Fragment Input Directory.
 -useFragName Use FRAG_NAME for fragment name. Otherwise, RES1 RESN RANK are used.

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