Scripts of the NMRPipe System
fitTab.tcl: Fit Data from Columns of a Table.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Table Input.
Table Variable Expressions:
 -x xExpr 1.0 Expression for X-Values.
 -y yExpr 1.0 Expression for Y-Values.
 -n nExpr 1.0 Expression for Noise Values.
 -f fExpr 1.0 Expression for Model Function.
Model Parameter Values:
 -p pList 1.0 Initial Parameter Values.
 -pHi hList +1e+16 ... Upper Bound for Parameter Values.
 -pLo lList -1e+16 ... Lower Bound for Parameter Values.
 -v vNames a b c ... Corresponding Parameter Variable Names.
Other Arguments:
 -tol tol 1.0e-6 Convergence Tolerance.
 -gc gCount 1 Monte Carlo Trial Count.
 -res Model Returns Residual.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON.

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