Scripts of the NMRPipe System
dynBasicExt.tcl: Create a Simple Extended Structure for a DYNAMO GMC Environment.

  dynBasicExt.tcl gmcDir outPDBName [args]
Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName gmcDir/random.pdb
 -print printCount 10 Status Printing Interval.
 -report reportFlag List Final Atom Coord Info.
 -graph Graph Enregy Terms (Default).
 -nograph No Graphics.
 -reset Reset Seg Name of Output to Blank.
 -noreset Keep Seg Name of Output (Default).
 -rasmol rasmolFlag 0 RasMol Drawing Interval.
 -wireframe Use RasMol Wireframe Mode.
Annealing Options:
 -tInit tInit 4000 Annealing Temperature
 -initSteps initSteps 1000 Initialization Step Count.
 -highSteps highSteps 2000 High Temperature Step Count.
 -coolSteps coolSteps 4000 Cooling Step Count.
 -vdw Use Van der Waals Term (Default).
 -novdw No Van der Waals Term.
Backbone Angles (Protein Only):
 -helix Reset Backbone Angles (Default).
 -nohelix Leave Backbone Angles Unchanged.
 -phi phiInit -64 Phi Angle for Backbone.
 -psi psiInit -41 Psi Angle for Backbone.

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