Scripts of the NMRPipe System
dosyView.tcl: View and Fit 1D Extracts from 2D DOSY Spectrum.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName test.ft1 2D Input Name.
 -dosy dName Name of Temporary Fitting Script.
 -fit fitName fitXY.tcl Name of 1D XY Fitting Application.
 -hi hi Auto 2D Contour Height.
 -noise sigma Auto Noise Estimate, Contour and Fit.
 -xName xAxis X_AXIS Spectrum Spectral Axis Name.
 -yName yAxis Y_AXIS Spectrum DOSY Axis Name.
 -dx dxPts 0 Strip Width +/- Pts.
 -tau tList 1 2 3... Tau List.
 -scale sVal 1.0 Scale Factor for Intensities.
 -skip nSkip 0 Number of Points to Skip in Fit.
 -zoom zoomW None +/- Spectral Width for Auto 1D Zoom
 -aux auxInfo None Aux Data for XY Fitting Script. Must be last argument.

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