Scripts of the NMRPipe System
dcNoise.tcl: Estimate Effect of Noise on Dipolar Coupling Parameters.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Name of Input DC Table.
 -pdb pdbName Name of Input PDB File.
 -trials nT 50 Number of Trials.
 -iseed rand 54321 Initial Random Seed (Zero for Auto).
 -DC dcArgs -svd Arguments for DC Calculation.
Options for Randomizing PDB Coords (Angtroms):
 -aSigma aStdDev 0.1 Std Deviation of Coord Noise to Add.
Options for Randomizing DC Values:
 -dSigma dStdDev 1.0 Std Deviation of Noise to Add.
 -var tabVar D Name of Table Variable to Adjust.
 -nvar nVar DD Table Variable with Std Dev of Noise, To Be Scaled by Sigma Above.
Temporary Files:
 -tmpTab tName Temporary Output Table.
 -tmpPDB pName tmp.pdb Temporary Output PDB File.
  1. Use zero values for -dSigma or -aSigma to turn off randomization of DC values or PDB coords.
  2. Use -DC arguments to restrain tensor parameters as desired. Try DC -help for a list of options.
  3. Arguments for -DC must be the last ones on the command-line.

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