Scripts of the NMRPipe System
cs2pk.tcl: Create NMRPipe-Format Peak Table from Chemical Shift table.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName TALOS Format CS Table Input.
 -ref refName Reference Conversion/Simulation.
 -out outName NMRPipe Format Output Peak Table.
 -com comName Output Simulation Script.
 -sim fidName Auto NMRPipe Format Output FID.
 -type sType hn Spectrum Type.
 -var sVar SHIFT CS Table Shift Input Variable.
Axis Order. Use keywords X Y Z or A, such as: X Z Y:
 -tAxis tList Auto Time Domain (FID) Axis Order.
 -fAxis fList Auto Freq Domain (Peak Table) Order.
Time-Domain Exponential Decay, Values in Hz:
 -xw xw 10.0 Decay for Signal X-Axis.
 -yw yw 0.0 Decay for Signal Y-Axis.
 -zw zw 0.0 Decay for Signal Z-Axis.
Phase Correction. Also -y... -z...
 -xP0 xP0 0.0 Zero Order Phase for X-Axis.
 -xP1 xP1 0.0 First Order Phase for X-Axis.
Spectrum Types, Signal Axis, And Peak Coordinates:

 HN          X=HN Y=N          hn/n
 HNCO        X=HN Y=N Z=CO     hn/n/co(i-1)
 HN(CA)CO    X=HN Y=N Z=CO     hn/n/co(i)     hn/n/co(i-1)
 CBCANH      X=HN Y=N Z=CACB  +hn/n/ca(i)    -hn/n/cb(i)   +hn/n/ca(i-1)  -hn/n/cb(i-1)
 CBCA(CO)NH  X=HN Y=N Z=CACB   hn/n/ca(i-1)   hn/n/cb(i-1)
 HNCA        X=HN Y=N Z=CA     hn/n/ca(i)     hn/n/ca(i-1)
 HN(CO)CA    X=HN Y=N Z=CA     hn/n/ca(i-1)
 HNHA        X=HN Y=N Z=HA    +hn/n/ha(i)    -hn/n/hn(i)
 HN(CO)HA    X=HN Y=N Z=HA     hn/n/ha(i-1)
 HBHANH      X=HN Y=N Z=HAHB   hn/n/ha(i)     hn/n/hb(i)    hn/n/ha(i-1)   hn/n/hb(i-1)
 HBHA(CO)NH  X=HN Y=N Z=HAHB   hn/n/ha(i-1)   hn/n/hb(i-1)  hn/n/hahb
 HACA        X=HA Y=CA         ha/ca
 HACACO      X=HA Y=CA Z=CO    ha/ca/co(i)

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