Scripts of the NMRPipe System
Adjust Data in Selected Table Lines, with Optional Sorting:

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Input Table or PDB File.
 -out outName None Output Table.
Options to Set Values in Table (Use Either -val or -expr, not both):
 -set vName None Table Variable to Adjust.
 -cond cond 1 Selection Condition.
 -val tclVal 0 TCL Expression for New Value;
  Should be the Last Argument.
 -expr tclExpr None TCL Numerical Expression for New Value;
  Should be the Last Argument.
 -keep Keep Table Data Unchanged.
Options for Changing the Variable:
 -rename newName None New Name for Variable.
 -refmt newFmt None New Format for Variable.
Options for Sorting Table Output:
 -sort sVar None Table Variable for Sort.
 -up Sort by Ascending Order (Default).
 -down Sort by Descending Order (Default).
 -before Sort Before Setting Values.
 -after Sort After Setting Values (Default).
 -numSort Sort Text Data Numerically.
PDB Options:
 -pdb Input is PDB Data (Default for .pdb).
 -nopdb Input is NMRPipe-Format Table.
 -hetatm Interpret HETATMs as ATOMs.
Other Options:
 -tcl sName None Name of TCL Initialize File to source.
 -del Delete All Non-Selected Entries from Table.
 -notext Delete Comment Text from Table.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON (Default).
 -noverb Verbose Mode OFF.
  1. Use table variable names as TCL variables for the -expr argument;
  use ' (single quote) characters or \ (backslash) characters
  to preserve $ (dollar-signs) in variable names.
  characters in the command-line.
  2. Addition variables are defined for use in expressions:
  $n Number of entries in the table.
  $m Number of entries in the selection.
  $i Selection number of the entry, 0 to $m - 1.
  $loc Entry number, in the range of 0 to $n - 1.
  3. Use the -tcl option to define special functions for expressions,
  set random number seeds, etc.
  4. PDB data will only be saved in PDB format if the output
  name ends in the .pdb extension.
Set table variable SIGMA to 100.0:
 -set SIGMA -val 100.0
Set table variable SIGMA to have the value of table variable DD:
 -set SIGMA -val {'$DD'}
Set table variable RESNAME to text ALA:
 -set RESNAME -val ALA
Set table variable SHIFT to sum of table variables RC_SHIFT and BASE:
 -set SHIFT -expr {'$RC_SHIFT} + {$BASE`}
Renumber table variable INDEX:
 -set INDEX -expr {'$loc} + 1`

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