Programs of the NMRPipe System
xyzpipe: Create a Data Stream for Spectral Processing of 3D and 4D NMRPipe-Format Data

  xyz2pipe -in inTemplate > outName
Optional Arguments:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -out outName Output Name.
 -mem memMB 0 MByte Memory Buffer. (Use Zero for Auto).
 -fdata loc val... Adjust File Header.
 -x Output X-Vectors XYZ. (Default).
 -y Output Y-Vectors YXZ.
 -z Output Z-Vectors ZXY.
 -a Output A-Vectors AXY.
 -nofs No File Size Check.
 -hdr Check Headers.
Parallel Processing:
 -par sListName None Server List File Name.
 -cpu cpuNumber 0 CPU Number.
 -first firstPlane 1 First Z-Plane to Output.
 -last lastPlane ZSIZE Last Z-Plane to Output.
 -ri2c Interleave Real/Imag on Output.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
 -help Prints Help Text.
Input Name Format Examples:
 ft/test%03d.fid       Z Format Template.
 ft/test%02d%03d.fid   AZ Format Template.

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