Programs of the NMRPipe System
waitFor: Wait for Existence of Text or Data Files, to Synchronize Parallel Schemes

Arguments for Text Files:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -text File is a textfile.
 -size sizeBytes 0 Minimum File Size.
Arguments For Spectral Data Files:
 -in inTemplate Template of file to wait for
 -first firstPlane 1 First Plane to Check.
 -last lastPlane 0 Last Plane to Check. (0 for Auto.)
 -nofs Suppress Size Check.
Arguments for Parallel Processing:
 -par sListName Server List Name.
 -ext extension done Wait File Extension.
 -cpu cpuNumber 0 CPU Number of This Proc.
 -init No Initialize Wait Files. (Delete Old Wait Files).
Other Arguments:
 -to uSecTimOut 1e6 Delay Between Tries.
 -max maxSec -1 Maximum Total Wait. (-1 for No Limit).
 -verb Verbose Mode On.

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