Programs of the NMRPipe System
SimTimeND: Create Simulated NMRPipe-Format Hypercomplex Time-Domain Data

  simTimeND hdrFlags > pipeFile
Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Peak Table Input.
 -out outTemplate NMRPipe Output. (Mandatory for 4D).
 -ndim dimCount Dimension Count.
 -axis ord XYZA Axis Order List.
 -rms nVal 0.0 RMS of Noise to Add.
 -iseed s 54321 Random Number Seed.
 -ov Force Overwrite.
 -nots No Time-Domain Scale.
 -nofs No File Size Check.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
General Header Flags (Also -y... -z... -a...):
 -xN xN Number of Complex Points in X-Axis of Peak Table Spectrum
 -xT xT Desired Number of Complex Points in X-Axis of Time Domain Data.
 -xSW xSW X-Axis Sweep Width for Time-Domain Data, Hz.
 -xOBS xOBS X-Axis Observe Frequency for Time-Domain Data, MHz.
 -xCAR xCAR X-Axis Carrier Position for Time-Domain Data, ppm.
 -xLAB xLAB X-Axis Label for Time-Domain Data.
  All General Header Flags are available as arguments, as for program bin2pipe. Only the usual arguments are given here.

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