Programs of the NMRPipe System
simTD: 2D Hypercomplex Time-Domain Simulation.

  simTD > outName
Optional Arguments:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inTable Input Peak Table.
 -out outName Output FID Name.
 -em emName Optional Embed Input Name.
 -xt xtPts 256 Time Domain X Size.
 -yt ytPts 256 Time Domain Y Size.
 -xf xfPts XTPTS Freq Domain X Size.
 -yf yfPts YTPTS Freq Domain Y Size.
 -xsw xSWHz 1000. X Spectral Width Hz.
 -ysw ySWHz 1000. Y Spectral Width Hz.
 -xp0 xP0 0.0 X Zero-Order Phase.
 -xp1 xP1 0.0 X First-Order Phase.
 -yp0 yP0 0.0 Y Zero-Order Phase.
 -yp1 yP1 0.0 Y First-Order Phase.
 -off offset 0.0 DC Intensity Offset.
 -rms noise 0.0 Time Domain Noise.
 -iseed seed 54321 Random Number Seed.
 -gauss Gaussian Linshapes.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
 -help Print this text.

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