Programs of the NMRPipe System
showApod: Show Effect of Processing on Noise and Linewidth

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName None Input Name or Template (Required).
 -axis aList None Name List of Axis to Analyze.
 -sigma 0.0 Std Dev of Noise in Processed Data. (Use 0 for Automated Estimate).
 -verb Verbose mode ON (Default).
 -noverb Verbose mode Off.
Parameters for Noise Analysis:
 -trials tCount 8 Number of Trials for Analysis.
 -seed rSeed 54321 Random Number Seed.
Parameters for Line Broadening Analysis:
 -lb lbList 1.0 ... Initial Line Broadening List, Pts.
Suppress Use of Apodization:
 -xNA No X-Axis Apodization.
 -yNA No Y-Axis Apodization.
 -zNA No Z-Axis Apodization.
 -aNA No A-Axis Apodization.

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