Programs of the NMRPipe System
seriesTab: Extract Max Values or Sum of regions in an NMRPipe-format Spectral Series, using an NMRPipe-format Peak Table as Input.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inTab Input Table.
 -out outTab Output Table.
 -list seriesList Text File Which Lists Spectra in Series.
Measurment Modes:
 -max Maximum Intensity.
 -sum Sum of Intensities. (Default Mode).
 -poly Polynomial-Fit Intensity.
 -verb Verbose Mode ON.
Input Region Size:
 -ndim nd 2 Dimension Count of Input Region
 -dx dxPts 0 +/- X-Axis Pts of Input Region.
 -dy dyPts 0 +/- Y-Axis Pts of Input Region.
 -dz dzPts 0 +/- Z-Axis Pts of Input Region.
Fourier Interpolation Options:
 -xzf xPts 2dx+1 X-Axis Size After Interpolation.
 -yzf yPts 2dy+1 Y-Axis Size After Interpolation.
 -zzf yPts 2dz+1 Z-Axis Size After Interpolation.
 -adx dxPts dx +/- Pts of Analysis Region.
 -ady dyPts dy +/- Pts of Analysis Region.
 -adz dyPts dz +/- Pts of Analysis Region.
  1. When using Fourier Interpolation, specify a small enough analysis region to avoid edge effects.
  2. Polynomial mode is unreliable if peak positions change substantially over the series.

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