Programs of the NMRPipe System
pipe2spiff: Convert NMRPipe-Format Data to SPIFF Spectral Image Format

  pipe2spiff < nmrStream > spiffStream
Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName stdin Input name of NMRPipe data.
 -out outName stdout Output name of SPIFF data.
 -bs buffSize 16384 Buffer Size in Points.
 -ov Overwrite Existing Data.
 -nofs Suppress File Size Check.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
Byte-Swap Options:
 -swap Do Four-Byte Swap.
 -noswap Suppress Four-Byte Swap (Default).
 -aswap Suppress Four-Byte Swap. (Meaning is System-dependant)
 -noaswap Do Four-Byte Swap. (Meaning is System-dependant)
  1. In-place processing (same input and output) is allowed if options -in and -out are both used.
  2. By default, byte-swap is OFF for Pentium systems, and ON for other platforms.

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