Programs of the NMRPipe System
nmrPipe: Multdimension Spectral Processing Using Pipelines

  nmrPipe -fn fnName [fnArgs] < inFile > outFile
Optional Flags:
Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName NMRPipe Format Input File Name.
 -out outName NMRPipe Format Output File Name.
 -ov Force Overwrite of Existing Data.
 -nofs Suppress File Size Check.
 -tty Suppress Check for I/O to TTY.
 -inPlace Allows in-place processing.
Data Type Adjustment. Select Only One:
Deleting Imaginary Data:
 -xi Delete Imaginaries, Complex Data Only.
 -dt Delete Imaginaries, Hypercomplex Only.
 -di Delete Current Imaginaries, Hypercomplex or Complex Data.
Creating Empty Imaginary Data:
 -ai Create Imaginaries, Real Data Only.
 -ad Create Hypercomplex Imaginaries, Complex Data Only.
 -ac Create Current Imaginaries, Real or Complex Data.
Processing or Pass-Through of a Selected Region:
 -select Y1 YN ... Specification of Region Limits.
 -outside Process vectors outside region.
 -inside Process vectors inside region (Default).
Report Modes:
 -verb vLevel 2
 -inc vIncrement 16
 -dbg dbgLevel 0
 -noSig Suppress Signal Catching.
 -X11 X11 is available for reports.
Help Text:
 -help Prints help text. Use the -fn fnName switch for more.
 -allHelp Prints help text for all functions (requires -help).
Parallel Processing:
 -client servListName
 -server portFileName
 -sID serverID
 -inSock inSocketPort
 -outSock outSocketPort
 -path pathName $cwd
 -smt sMaxTries -1
 -sto suSecTO 0
Header Control:
 -inHdr inHdrName Use Name or !cmnd.
 -outHdr outHdrName Use Name, !cmnd, or 'none'.
 -inSwap Byte Swap of Input ON.
 -outSwap Byte Swap of Output ON.
 -fdata loc1 parm1... Parameter/Value List.
I/O Control:
 -buff ioBCount 0
 -ibuff inBCount 0
 -obuff oBuffCount 0
 -mt maxTries -1
 -to uSecTO 0
 -noRd Suppress Reading of Input.
 -noWr Suppress Writing of Output.

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