Programs of the NMRPipe System
nmr2Mask: Create a Binarized Labeled Mask from NMRPipe-format Data

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName test.ft2 Input Name.
 -out outName mask.dat Output Name.
 -reg ix1 ix3 iy1 iy3 0 0 0 0 Point Coords of Region to Analyze.
 -max maxThresh +1.0 Positive Threshold for Binarization.
 -min minThresh -MAX Negative Threshold for Binarization.
Special Mask and Labeling Options:
 -ed erosDilProg Controls Erosion/Dilation. Example: Erode/Erode/Dilate = -ed EED
 -label Count and Label Components.
 -sym Perform symmetry analysis.

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