Programs of the NMRPipe System
getParm: Command-line Utility to Extract NMRPipe Header Parameters by Name

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName None Data File Name (Required).
 -parm pName FDMAGIC Parameter Keyword or Code.
 -dim dName NULL Dimension Keyword or Code.
 -fmt prFmt %f\n Format for Printing.
 -txt Print Value as Text/Keyword.
 -notxt Print Value as Number. (Default).
 -fix Allow Header Adjustment. (Default).
 -nofix Suppress Header Adjustment.
 -stdout Send Output to Std Output.
 -stderr Send Output to Std Error.
 -flush Print Pending Result.
 -codes Display Keyword/Code List.
  1. Multiple parameters and data files can be used by repeating arguments -in -parm etc.
  2. Insert the -flush option between multiple parameter or file specifications.
  3. All numerical output requires a 'float' format.
  4. All text output requires a 'string' format.
  5. There are corresponding NMRWish TCL functions getParm and getParmStr.

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