Programs of the NMRPipe System
extract2D: Save or Analyze an Extracted 2D Region

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName 2D Input Name.
Optional Arguments:
 -out outName Optional Output Name to Save the 2D Extract.
 -real Extract Real Only.
 -stat Report Statistics.
Relative Region Coordinates:
 -x1 xPts 1 X Region Start.
 -xn xPts SIZE X Region End.
 -y1 yPts 1 Y Region Start.
 -yn yPts SPECNUM Y Region End.
Absolute Region Coordinates:
 -h1 xPts 1 Horizontal Region Start.
 -hn xPts HSIZE Horizontal Region End.
 -v1 yPts 1 Vertical Region Start.
 -vn yPts VSIZE Vertical Region End.
  1. Options -h3 -v3 -x3 -y3 are supported for backward-compatibility.
  2. This program is supplanted by script readROI.

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