Programs of the NMRPipe System
byteAdjust: Adjust Length of Words in a Binary Data Stream

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName stdin Input name of data to adjust.
 -out outName stdout Output name for result.
 -bs bSize 4096 Buffer Size, Words.
 -iws wSize 2 Input Word Size, Bytes.
 -ows wSize 4 Output Word Size, Bytes.
 -bo bOffset 0 Byte Offset for Adjustment.
 -bp bPad 0 Byte Pad Between Buffers.
 -wc wCount 0 Total Words to Adjust. Use 0 for Auto-Mode.
 -is iScale 1 Integer Scale Factor. Assumes 4-byte Integer Output. (Use 0 for Auto).
 -last Pack Using Last Bytes of Word.
 -nofs Suppress File Size Check.
 -verb Verbose Mode On.
Special Float Conversions:
 -u2f Unsigned Char to Float.
 -c2f Char to Float.
 -s2f Short to Float.
 -t2f Unsigned Short to Float.
 -i2f Int to Float.
 -d2f Double to Float.
 -f2i Float to Int.
 -f2s Float to Short.
Byte-Swap Options:
 -swap Do Four-Byte Swap.
 -noswap Suppress Four-Byte Swap.
 -aswap Suppress Four-Byte Swap. (Meaning is System-dependant)
 -noaswap Do Four-Byte Swap. (Meaning is System-dependant)
  1. In-place processing (same input and output) is allowed if options -in and -out are both used.
  2. Auto Byte-Count determination requires use of option -in inName.
  3. Use of a scale factor of -is 65536 to may be required to convert 2-byte integers to 4-byte data.

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