Programs of the NMRPipe System
addTabVar: Create a New Variable in an NMRPipe-Format Table

Flag Argument Default Description
 -in inName Name Input Data Table
 -var varName Name of Variable to Create
 -fmt format %7.4f Format for New Variable.
 -col column 0 Column Number for New Variable, First Column is 0.
Parameters for a Numerical Variable:
 -start startVal 0.0 Initial (First Row) Value for Variable.
 -step stepVal 0.0 Increment (Each Row) for Variable Value.
 -noise noiseStdDev 0.0 Amount of Uniform Random Noise to Add to Values.
 -rand randomSeed 54321 Random Number Seed.
Parameters for a Text Variable:
 -text textValue None Initial Value for Text Variable
  This program is supplanted by script addTabVar.tcl
  See also addTabNoise.tcl, getTabInfo.tcl, getTabRow.tcl, getTabCol.tcl

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