NMRPipe Processing Functions
SOL: Solvent Filter.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -mode fMode 1 Filter Mode: 1=Low Pass. 2=Spline. 3=Polynomial.
For Lowpass Filtering:
 -fl fLenPts 16 Filter Length, +/- Points.
 -fs fShape 1 Lowpass Shape: 1=Boxcar. 2=Sine. 3=Sine^2.
Other Parameters:
 -po order 2 Extrapolation Polynomial Order.
 -sn noise 1.0 Spline Noise.
 -sf sFactor 1.1 Smooth Factor.
Head/Tail Extrapolation:
 -head skipPts 0 Number of Points to Skip.
 -poly Use Polynomial Extrapolation. (Default)
 -mir Use Mirror Image Extrapolation.
 -noseq No Adjustment for Sequential Data.
 -nodmx No Adjustment for Digital Oversampled Data.
  Sequential Data Adjusted Automatically.
  Digital Oversampled Data (Bruker DMX, JEOL Delta) Adjusted Automatically.

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