NMRPipe Processing Functions
SMO: N-Point Smoothing.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -n wWidth 1 Window Size +/- Pts (Valid Units: Pts Hz ppm %).
 -center Perform centering instead.

The SMO function performs smoothing or centering on data vectors. If the current dimension is complex, the real and imaginary parts of each vector are treated separately. In smoothing, a given point in the data vector is replaced by the local average of all points in the range +/- N points away. This means that a given local region in the interior of the vector will consist of 2*N + 1 points, but fewer points at the head and tail of the vector.


-n N
This option specifies N, the +/- size of the local region used for the calculation. The value can be specified with units of Pts Hz ppm %, but will be rounded to an integer number of points.

If this flag is used, centering will be performed instead of smoothing. In centering, the local average is subtracted from each point.

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