NMRPipe Processing Functions
RFT: Real Fourier Transform.

Flag Argument Default Description
 -inv Perform Inverse Transform.
  This is not the same as Complex Fourier Transform of real-only data; most cases require use of FT -real, not RFT.

RFT applies a real Fourier transform (cosine transform) to the current data vectors. Note that this is not the same as applying a complex Fourier transform to real-only data, and so RFT is seldom used. Instead, real-only data is usually transformed via the FT -real nmrPipe processing function. There is no requirement for a power-of-two data size, but processing times will likely be slower for non-power-of-two cases. FT options include selection of forward or inverse transform.


This flag selects an inverse Cosine transform.


The RFT function toggles the NDFTFLAG to 0 or 1, depending on whether the result is time-domain or frequency domain, respectively.

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